Solid wood loft bed frames where you determine the height.  Delivered to NYC & Chicago every 8-12 weeks.


Every loft bed at a store comes at the ‘set height’ from the factory.  We realize that every room is a different size, and everyone wants a different amount of space under or above their loft bed.

We make our bedframes from sturdy solid pine and use professional wood planers to create a super smooth finish.  They are guaranteed “wobble-free”  

They can be built with any clearance underneath up to 75″ and come in all sizes, as well as customizable sizes.  You can also add desks, shelves, a wall, ladder, stain or paint to your bed.  If you have a small or odd shaped room, we can add or subtract a few inches to the frame size.

You can scroll through the twitter feed at the right to see when our next delivery to NYC or Chicago is.  We also can deliver to OH, PA, and  northern IN.

Max weight is approx. 1000 pounds