Loft bed kits that ROCK (not literally)!

Welcome to Chicago Loft Bed.  Our loft bed kits are made from sturdy solid pine.

awesomebedguyYou determine any clearance underneath up to 72″.  Add desks, shelves, or a ladder.

*Assembly does require some tools and carpentry skills.

* A note from Chicago Loft Bed:

Great news!  After a winter break we are back in production with delivery dates set for NYC/Boston on May 31- June 5.  Please get your order in by May 10.

We will have available a delivery & setup option of $195 for that week in those 2 cities.

Our next dates of availability will be late August- mid September.  You may order in advance for that time period.  Please direct any questions to me @ or call me 615-483-3256. 

Thank you!!
Kelly Zullo